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Recycling FAQs

Recycling FAQ – Recycling Schedule (click here)  Recycling Guidelines (click here)

Holiday Schedule

The recycling pickup for holidays will be on the same schedule as for trash pickup, please visit the Holiday Service Schedule (click here) for the latest information.

When should I set my recyclables out for collection?
Whether trash or recyclables, the 95 gallon toter should be set out the night before your pickup day. If weather or mechanical issues cause a delay, please leave the toter out so that we can collect the contents as soon as possible. Time does not allow us to make return trips for toters not set out on time.


Why are some of my recyclables not accepted?
Only the recyclables listed can be recycled through the Single Stream recycling program. Some items not listed may still be recyclable in one way or another, however. Putting these items into the Single Stream recycling toter will contaminate the load. For example, metal pipes, pie tins, foil, plastic bags, egg cartons, etc. are all considered trash for the purposes of this service. Most of us can think of a place to recycle many of these items, though. Mixing non-recyclables into the toter with recyclables also causes a lot of extra time for the toter contents to be sorted through, which means innefficiency. We don’t want to have to leave items in your toter, either.


Our goal is to recycle as much of the waste stream as we can. That can only be accomplished when the guidelines are followed. Together, we can be environmentally responsible and have a cost-effective and efficient recycling program.


What types of paper won’t you accept?
Wrapping paper, packing paper, tissues, paper towels, tissue paper, etc. are all considered waste in the Single Stream recycling program. At the end destination for the recyclables, there is sorting equipment designed to divert different types of recyclables into different streams. That being said, there are a limited number of sorting machines that the entire load of recyclables will go through. Anything left at the end of the sorting process is considered waste and must be disposed of. In addition, the wrong items can potentially damage the sorting equipment. These are some of the reasons we cannot accept many other items as well. 


How much recyclable content can I put out on my service day?
The contents of the 95 gallon recycling toter is the limit. If boxes are flattened and the guidelines are followed, this is almost always enough capacity for an average family. If you are recycling correctly but your recycling toter just isn’t big enough, we can provide a 2nd recycling toter for a modest fee.


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