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General FAQs

Can I pay over the phone?

Payments can be made online through your credit card or bank draft either as a one-time payment or on auto-pay by logging onto Just enter your ID#, located on your bill, and choose a payment option. Once there, you can also choose email billing instead of paper.


Do you offer recycling?

Single-stream recycling is now available in most of our service area. This is a very convenient and effortless way to do your part! All recyclables are put into one container for collection. No more sorting saves you time and makes it easy too! Please call for availability.


What is considered electronic waste and why don’t you take it? 

On January 1, 2011, Indiana state law began prohibiting households, small businesses and public schools in Indiana from disposing of e-waste (electronic waste) in the regular trash. This is because electronics contain heavy metals, including lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium that can be harmful if released into the environment. 

Electronic items that we are prohibited from taking in your trash include, but are not limited to: computers, computer monitors, printers, computer accessories such as keyboards and mice, televisions, DVD players, VCR’s, fax machines, digital cameras, camcorders, digital picture frames, and Ipods.

We encourage you to recycle your e-waste by bringing it to one of the 5 Monroe County Recycling Centers. More information can be found at

Do you take large items? 

We can take some large items such as mattresses or couches on your regular pickup day. We require you to call us before setting any large item out to make sure we can take it and to let you know what the additional charges will be.


Can I put yard waste out with my regular trash?

Yard waste such as twigs and small brush is acceptable if put in the waste toter or bundled and tied in lengths of 4 feet or less and set on the ground next to the waste toter. Heavy yard waste such as dirt, sod, rocks, mulch, wet leaves, etc. is unacceptable and should never be put into the toter.


If you have bags of grass clippings or leaves and would like them taken, we can take up to 3 bags per week for an additional charge to cover our increased disposal costs associated with these heavy types of waste. If you would like to dispose of grass clippings or leaves, please call us for an estimate.


Does all trash need to be bagged?

We ask that all food and wet garbage be bagged. However because we do not manually lift your trash out of the waste toter, you may throw loose trash in it. We do recommend bagging all of the trash in order to maintain a clean, odor-free waste toter and to make sure all of the waste gets emptied out each week.


How much is a second waste toter? 

We ask that you call for the latest pricing information. We offer them for excessive regular weekly trash on a long-term basis only.  An average family of 5 or more people will usually need to rent a second toter.  Sometimes customers ask for them for just a short period because they will be doing some cleaning or having guests for a short time, but because of the time and expense of bringing waste toters out, picking them up and cleaning them, we require they be used for long-term only.


What holidays will affect my trash pickup day?

Please visit the Holiday Service Schedule section for the latest information.


Do you have roll-off containers? 

We currently do not offer roll-off container services. We do have small 6 cubic yard driveway dumpsters available for home cleanouts and miscellaneous trash.


I didn’t get my trash out on time. Can you come back?

Unfortunately, time does not allow us to make return trips. If we’re still in the neighborhood, we will try but cannot guarantee it.


Can I bring my payment to you?

We do not have an office location for customers to drop payments off.


Will my trash get picked up if there is bad weather?

During certain weather, it is possible the trash may not get picked up on time. If this happens, just leave the trash out and it will be picked up as soon as we can get there. If you take it back in or don’t set it out because of the weather, it may get missed that week because we would not be able to make a return trip to get it.


Every once in a while there is a road (especially with freezing rain) that we just cannot go down. We have had to delay pickup for the week in certain instances but this is not common. We do apologize in advance if this happens. We’ll always make every effort to pick up everybody’s trash but we must think of driving safety before anything else.


Do you take empty moving boxes? 

Yes, we will take them for free. But we do ask that they be broken down as much as possible so we can get them into the truck easier. 


Can I choose when and how much I pay when doing auto-pay?
Auto-payments will be made every three months on the 27th of the month or the next business day. When using auto-pay, the amount owed on your trash bill will automatically be charged to your designated account / card.

If I sign up for e-billing, will I still receive paper bills?
No. If you sign up for e-billing, bills will be sent to your email only. If you choose to remain on paper bills, you may still pay online.

When I pay online, how long will it take for my Express Waste account to be credited?
Typically, your payment will be credited to your Express Waste account at the end of the business day. Because accounts are typically updated daily, payments made after 7pm may not be reflected until the end of the next business day.


I’ve lost my bill. How can I pay online?

Each customer will be assigned a 12-digit ID # that is listed on the bill. You will need to have this ID # in order to log into your online account. If you have made online payments in the past, your ID # can be found on payment confirmations you have been sent by email. If you still cannot locate your ID#, you can call or email our office and we will gladly provide it for you. Please note, for security reasons, we can only email your ID # to the email address on file for your account.

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